The Telethon Kids Institute has made it an aim to ACT for Autism and needs your help to find the answers. By establishing an Autism Clinical Trial (ACT) unit in Perth, Dr Andrew Whitehouse and his team can tackle some of Autism's toughest questions.

Together through clinical studies, we can find new and better methods to detect, diagnose, manage and help people living with the condition. Together we can make a difference to the lives of children and families impacted by autism.

On 22 March 2013 we hosted an Evening for the Future of Autism fundraising event and raised over $58,000 for autism research. Dr Whitehouse and his team were overwhelmed by the generosity of the community.

Funds raised from the event will support Dr Whitehouse’s research and speed up the discovery of better methods to detect, diagnose, manage, and help people with autism.

 A sincere thanks to all our wonderful donors including Farmer Jacks Supermarkets for their generous support.

Telethon Kids Institute

Telethon Kids Institute is one of the largest, and most successful medical research institutes in Australia.

The Institute was among the first to adopt a multidisciplinary approach to major health issues: clinical research, laboratory sciences and epidemiologists all under the one roof, to tackle complex diseases impacting children and families.

With the help of the generous community, we continue to strive for answers to the big questions in childhood disease and disability and to deliver hope through life-changing research.

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